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August 2019 Regular Meeting

August 2019 Regular Meeting

CeMeNEMBA Board Meeting Minutes
Bond Brook, Augusta
August 6, 2019

The Central Maine chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association held a regular board meting on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 at the Bond Brook Recreation area, at 7pm.  Board members present included Chris Riley, president; Disa, Frank, Matt Swann, Ryan, Ted Scharf, Tracey Allen, Renee, and Garry.

Chris expressed his gratitude for everyone stepping up while he was away.  The board acknowledged Chris for staying in touch while he and his family were on their adventure.

Treasurer’s report.  Justin was unable to provide a complete report.  The bank account stands at just over $15,000.  We have outstanding bills of approximately $3,000, mostly for trail crew.  The Titcomb Mountain women’s clinic grossed about $1700, with expenses of about $700.  Have not yet received Treadfest revenue, which will be less than lst year.

New treasurer.  The board discussed several possible candidates for a new treasurer/board member to replace Justin.  Geographic coverage would suggest someone from the Waterville area, if possible.  Chris will approach the suggested candidates in turn to see if there is any interest.

Treadfest Debrief.  Discussed what worked and didn’t work for Treadfest this year.  Some concern that the event is becoming stale.  Some sponsors aren’t giving as much. It was suggested that we look into rotating the event among Mt. Appetite (Auburn), Quarry Road (Waterville), and Bond Brook (Augusta.)  Also, might consider a survey of riders.  Discussed the issue of some riders going off course, and the kerfuffle that caused. 

Trails updates/needs.  The summer trail crew has been out and about, mostly doing routine maintenance such as cutting brush, weed wacking and leaf blowing.  The crew has ranged from one to three people per day, most days.  Probably averaging 1 ½ to 2 workers per day.  In addition, many volunteers have stepped up to work on their local trails.  As a result, most of the network is in very good shape.  Volunteers should use the online app to record their time.  This is important for applying for grants and other purposed.

Upgrades underway at Quarry Road and Coburn Woods.  Upgrades planned for Mt. Appetite.  We have applied for grants for Mt. Appetite and the Allen-Whitney Forest.  The A-W grant would be used to improve the flow of the New Trail, and other similar improvements.  Both grants require one for one matching through in-kind contributions.

Chris is working with the Titcomb Mountain group, and may ask to join Augusta trails as a board member.

Winter biking. Discussed options for winter fat biking, and trail maintenance.  Roxy Rand may still be available using a different access point.  Other options include The Allen-Whitney Forest (Manchester), and KLT’s newly acquired Surrey Hill property in Fayette.  Decided not to pursue the purchase of any additional equipment, but rather to support grooming efforts financially. 

2019 Odyssey ride.  The 2019 end of summer season Odyssey ride was scheduled for October 19th.  Might try to find a way to use the Odyssey ride to support winter trail grooming efforts.  Need to find a venue for the party.  Several options were suggested, and will be explored. 

New logo. Briefly reviewed draft options for a new logo.  More work to be done.

Next meeting. The next board meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, October 1 at a location to be determined.


Garry Hinkley, Sec.


March 2019 Regular Meeting

March 2019 Regular Meeting

CeMENEMBA Board Meeting
March 5, 2019 @6:30pm
Black & Tan, Augusta, ME

A regular CeMENEMBA board meeting was held on Tuesday, March 5th, at the Black & Tan restaurant in Augusta, starting at 6:30 pm.  Present were Disa F. VP and presiding officer, Justin L, Ian, Frank, Tracy Allen, Ted Scharf, Brian Walker, Brian Alexander, Matt Stone, Renee, and Garry.

Treasurer’s Report.  Justin gave the treasurer’s report.  He reported minimal financial activity during this period.  Cash on hand as of December 31, 2018 was $20,940.84.  Cash on hand as of March 5th, 2019 was $21,397.90.  Income for the period was $1,446 including a $1,000 donation and $467 in dues rebates.  Expenses were $909. 94, of which $900 was the stipends for the winter grooming at Roxy rand, LACC, and Range Pond.  The remainder was for miscellaneous.

Justin opined that getting the credit card in lieu of using the debit card was a bad idea, resulting in more hassle than it is worth in security.  He will investigate options.

Justin needs copies of all receipts for reimbursement, including a notation as to what the expenditure was for, where (the project), and who submitted it.  If you are submitting expenses, please provide this information.

Anne Sheppard needs copies of the 2018 meeting minutes for the financial audit.  (Garry provided NEMBA the minutes on March 6th.)  Minutes also should be available from our website.

Spring Social. The annual Spring Social and Auction will be April 27th at Van Der Brew in Winthrop starting about 4pm.  Agreed to order food from Winthrop House of Pizza and have them deliver as needed. Auction items are still needed.  We had 60 auction items last year.  As of this meeting, only 14 items have been pledged. (Additional items were pledged at the meeting.)

Treadfest Update.  Justin et. al. Treadfest is June 15th at Bond Brook.  Friday is the running events. Bike events on Saturday.  Camping Friday and Saturday night, with entertainment on Saturday evening.  Facebook page is seeing interest.  Need to set up the BikeReg registration site.  Discussed ordering items to sell, swag, and prizes.

Titcomb Women’s Clinic. Tracy Allen is in charge.  Agreed the registration fee would be $20, nonrefundable for no shows.

Membership Drive.  Will work the email list and Facebook reminder to encourage renewals, and will have sign ups at upcoming events.  Justin noted that NEMBA now offers automatic renewals.

Merchandise. Renee is in charge Disa had previously shared catalog links of possible items to purchase for resale.

Trail days.   Ricker Hill had extensive logging this winter and will need brush cleanup.  Signature Trail at Mt. Apatite has drainage issues which will need to be addressed.  Frank is working with an Edward Little class to bring students in for a trail maintenance day May 17th.  City of Auburn is promoting trail volunteerism.  After a hard winter all trails will need routine work.

There is a new Working Group in Auburn, dedicated to Mt. Apatite.  Brian W. noted that “you are here” signage is being developed based on our map.  The signage will be installed in the spring. CeMENEMBA is paying for the signs.

Frank reported that Mt. Apatite group rides now will meet and leave from the new Side-by-Each pub on Minot Avenue.  The power lines provide easy access to Mt. A. trails.

 Garry reported that the Manchester Conservation Commission has funds available (about $10,000) for trail development and maintenance in Manchester.  Looking at expansion at the Res/Junkyard area in Manchester.  Brian A to take a look, perhaps with Jean-Luc Theriault from the MCC.

Cape Cod Summit.  Disa and Justin are planning on attending.

CEMENEMBA App.  Brief discussion and demonstration of our ride and events app.  A work in progress.

Next Meeting.  We will meet on April 9th in advance of the spring social.  Meeting will be at the Black & Tan.  Social hour at 6:30, with the meeting to follow at about 7pm. 

Respectfully submitted,

Garry Hinkley, Sec.

January 2019 Regular Meeting

January 2019 Regular Meeting

CeMeNEMBA Meeting Minutes

January 15, 2019

The Central Maine Chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association held a regular Board meeting on Tuesday, January 15th at 6:30 pm at the Black and Tan in Augusta.  Board members present included Pres. Chris Riley, Justin, Ian, Ted Scharf, Ryan, Tracy, Frank, Disa, and Garry.

Treasurer’s Report. Justin reported cash on hand of $20,840.84.  Previous report on 11/13/18 was $18,889.65 Income of $2959. Expenses of $1007.81.  Net $1,951.19. Income was from donations and chapter rebates. Expenses included $500 to John Waller for website; $100 for Titcomb lodge rental for Odyssey day event; $192 for hats for Odyssey.  The remainder was miscellaneous.

General agreement that the club should try to maintain a balance of approximately one year’s expenses.

With respect to upcoming summer work, it’s looking as if 2019 will mostly be a maintenance year.  There is a possibility of additional trail building at Mt. Appetite. Chris is working on a grant proposal.  Other possible projects might include some work in the Allen-Whitney forest and in the Manchester town forests adjacent to the Hallowell Res.  The Manchester Conservation Commission may be able to provide some financial support.

There have been some discussions relative to building trails in Lewiston.  

In the past, the club has made donations to area snowmobile clubs to support winter trail maintenance.  With the development and maintenance of winter single track trails at Roxy Rand, LACC, and Range Pond, it was agreed that it was more appropriate to support these trails.  A $300 stipend for each trail system was authorized. (total of $900.) Garry made the motion. Ryan seconded. It passed unanimously. Winter riders are encouraged to support their local snowmobile clubs.

Justin will be attending the Professional Mountain Bike Skills Trainer clinic at Kingdom Trails in April.  He then will put on local skills clinics, probably on Tuesday evenings opposite Tuesdays from TNTs. Also, short clinics prior to Wednesday Night rides.  

Events.  Treadfest will be June 15th at Bond Brook.  Spring Social and fundraiser was scheduled for April 27th, tentatively at Van Der Brew in Winthrop.  

Tracy Allen is organizing the women’s’ clinic.  

Maine Works has donated quite a few hand and power tools to the club.  These tools will be stored in the tool shed in Farmington.

The next meeting will be Tuesday March 5th at 6:30 at the Black and Tan, Augusta.  Since Chris will be away, VP Disa will preside.


Garry Hinkley, Sec.


September 2018 Regular Meeting

September 2018 Regular Meeting

CeMENEMBA Regular Board Meeting
September 4th, 2018
Bond Brook Recreational Area, Augusta

The central Maine chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association held a regular board meeting on September 4th, 2018 at 6:30 pm at the Bond Brook Recreational Area, Augusta.  Board members present were Chris Riley, Pres.; Disa, Ian, Rene, Justin L, Ryan, Brian Alexander, Ted Scharf, Frank, Tracy Allen, and Garry Hinkley.

Treasurer’s Report.  Justin Reported cash on hand of $21,830.  The balance as of 6/5/18 was $32,512, making expenditures for the summer $10,682.  No additional income for the period.  Expenses mainly were for the trail crew, mostly for the Mt. Apatite project.  Additional revenues, mostly from Treadfest have been received and will be reported on the next report. The net for Treadfest 2018 was approximately $1500 more than previous years.  This was due primarily to controlling expenses.

Chris reported that NEMBA is being audited by the IRS (routine), and it is imperative to have our records in order.

Coburn Woods.  Ted made a motion to confirm our vote by email to donate $1200 toward the Coburn Woods project.  Justin seconded.  The vote was 10-0 in favor with Brian abstaining.  The donation was used to match the Trustees’ donation. 

Trails Report.  The trail crew had a productive summer in spite of the heat.  We spent approximately $15,368 on trail work including salaries and equipment rental.  It amounted to 16.5 days of machine work and 849 hours of trail crew labor. Approximately $10,000 was spent on the 1.4 mile Signature Trail flow at Mt. Apatite.  Need to do some additional work to finish and to buff up other Mt. A trails (Blue Trail.)

Bond Brook needs some buffing and TLC.

Pine Ridge Kids’ loop is nearly finished and is riding well.

A-Trail and Minehonk Lake loops have been expanded and upgraded. Nearly every trail system has received some attention.  Mt. Apatite received 55% of hours, and Titcomb about 26%. 

We have the use of a 16X16 tool shed at Titcomb, donated by a local contractor and owned by the Ski Area.  This will allow us to store our northern zone tools. 

Odyssey Ride.  Motion by Ted/Disa, to set the date for the Odyssey ride for October 20th, with the gathering at Titcomb. 

Fundraising.  Chris proposed a possible fundraising event whereby people or organizations sponsor a trail project for a day or a week by donation.  Sponsor would get to select where the money is spent.

Winter Grooming.  Agreed in principle to support financially some limited winter grooming probably at Lake Auburn and Belgrade areas.  Also agreed in principle to continue to support local snowmobile clubs.

Next meeting.  November 13th at a location TBD.

Respectfully submitted,
Garry Hinkley, Sec.




April 2018 Regular Meeting

April 2018 Regular Meeting

CeMENEMBA Board Meeting
April 28, 2018

The CeMENEMBA Board of Directors held a board meeting on Saturday, April 28th at the Readfield Emporium, Readfield, ME.  The meeting was called to order at approximately 4pm, and preceded our annual spring social and auction.

Board members present included Chris Riley, Pres.; Disa, VP; Matt Swann, VP; Frank, VP (by phone); Rene; Justin, Treasurer; Brett; Ted Scharf: and Garry Hinkley, Secretary.

Treasurer’s report.  Justin reported cash on hand of $24,578.09.  Income was $25, 832.  Expenses $2561.01.  See Justin’s complete report for more details.  Principal income include $13,400 RTP grant reimbursement, and $10,000 NEMBA signature grant.

Approved applying for a new credit card with a $5,000 limit.  Motion by GH/second by Justin.  Unanimous. Agreed to spend up to $50 on Quickbooks accounting software. 

Discussed moving the spring social to a weeknight.

Trail Forks – trial five dollar donation?

NEMBA signature grant.  Will be used on improvements at Mt. Appetite.  Work to start in July.  Androscoggin Bank may help support.

Trail crew – Looks as if we will have three-four person trail crew for the summer.  Most or all of last year’s crew is returning. 

Treadfest will be a one day event this year.

Bond Brook Peabody project?  40/50 acre ?

Titcomb Women’s clinic – July 8th.  $20 refundable reservation fee. Also looking at the possibility of a co-ed higher level clinic.  Break even on costs.

Kid’s camp is up in the air.  Chris and Disa are working on finding new instructors. 

Need to finish the Pine Ridge Kids loop. 

Next meeting.  June 5th

January 2018 Regular Meeting

January 2018 Regular Meeting

CeMENEMBA Board Meeting
January 14, 2018
Gritty MCDuffs, Auburn, ME

The Central Maine Chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association held a regular board meeting on January 14, 2018 at Gritty McDuff’s restaurant in Auburn, ME, following a ride at the Lake Auburn Community Center.  The meeting came to order at approximately 4:00pm.  Board members present included Pres. Chris Riley, VP Frank, Ian, Brett, Ted Scharf, Brian A, Renee B, Treasurer Justin L, VP. Disa F, and secretary Garry Hinkley.

Proposed meeting schedule.  On a motion by Ian, agreed to meet bi-monthly starting in January 2018.  Brian seconded, and motion was approved. 

Treasurer’s report.  Justin presented an extensive reworking of the income and expense report.  The report provided a more detailed analysis of both revenues and expenditures by category.  The report showed a starting balance in January 2017 of $11,545.86.  Ending balance as of December 31 of $15,343.42.  Income was $43,960.76.  Expenses $39,323.72.   Net income $3,797.56. Justin’s report showed income by source, with the largest source being grants.  Largest expenses were for trail projects, with Quarry Road being the largest.

Chapter is owed approximately $2200 for Treadfest.

Discussed converting from using a credit card to a debit card.  Justin will pursue options.

Discussed pursuing an RTP grant for signage.  It was noted that due to trail construction, many of our maps already are out of date.

Discussed setting next year’s budget, but decided that rather than setting a firm budget we would do as we have been doing and assess our needs and expenses at each meeting and proceed as needed.

Reviewed 2017 Goals.  Chris led a review of our long-term goals.  He noted that we accomplished much of what we set out to do in our 2017 retreat.  Critical to that was having paid trail crew.  Also produced maps and some signage.  As far as we know we are still the only Maine chapter that regularly leads a ride every week during the “dirt season”.

Membership Renewals. Discussed options for increasing membership renewals.  Need to come up with membership incentives. 

Awards program.  Discussed creating a volunteer of the year award, with the prize possibly being a bike shop gift certificate (purchased at cost.)

Future grants.  Still have one year left on the Onion grant.  After that, our goal is to be self-supporting (with respect to that revenue.)  Will skip the RTP grant for 2018, but may try again in 2019.  May look into applying for a NEMBA signature grant.  *update(2/1/18): Chris met with representative from City of Auburn and they are excited about the possibility of the grant and will aid us with letters of support and act as a partner in the grant.

Spring Social.  The spring social will be April 28th @5pm at the Emporium in Readfield.  Event will include an auction.  Auction items are needed.  Goal for the auction is $5,000.

First Aid course.  Decided to look into an informational instruction class.  Informal, without a certificate. Brett and Disa to look into options for hosting a spring “trail first aid”.

Snowmobile Club donations. Moved and seconded to donate fifty dollars each to six local snowmobile clubs to support trail maintenance.  ($300 total.) Moved by Ted, and seconded by Brett.  Approved unanimously. 

Moved to reimburse Brian Alexander for gas and oil for grooming Kennebec Highlands trails.  Motion by Justin, and second by Ted.  Approved unanimously. 

Merchandise.  Acquiring Diva gear and possibly guys’ jerseys and hat for resale.

Calendar Items.

                Treadfest – June 16th

                Titcomb Womens clinic – July 7th.

Kids clinic and Ride.  Three days.  (spring/summer/fall).  Possible paid staff (stipend.)  planning for 12 kids@$20 each.

Odyssey ride – October 13th

Next meeting – March 13th @6:30 in Augusta