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19 hours ago

I am looking for a 29 inch full suspension mtb with a decent travel time. My aunt is buying me a bike but I need to stay under 2000. Anyone getting ride if a mtb? Size medium ... See MoreSee Less

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What size?


Good luck finding something! I'm curious though, have you looked into buying new? I know many bikes are more than 2k new, but there are some VERY capable bikes for less than 2 thousand, brand new.

Don’t be afraid to talk to the local shops - they will sometime take bikes on trade in and service them and resell. In this situation you get a good used bike that you know has been serviced properly. Also in your budget you might find something new that is just right.

Check out slipping gears in Bangor. They had a good selection of Liv emboldens last time I was in there. Not sure if they had the 27.5 or 29 model but either size is priced at $1,800.

Busytown Bikes has a new Embolden 2 in a Xs,small and medium

You left out most important thing. Frame size

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12 hours ago

Are we riding bikes on Deer Path at Androscoggin Riverlands? Their map and trail signs say it's for walking and shooting guns only, but it is listed on Trailforks so I'm just looking for clarification. ... See MoreSee Less

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I rode it almost every day in May. I’ve never even seen anyone with a gun or heard shooting. I will say that the land is posted at the beginning of the trail but the entrance isn’t. I asked around and got many different stories about the land but have never had an issue. Kurt Youland owns that small section. The rest of the trail is fine to my knowledge.

To my knowledge, Homestead is the only hikers only trail although it gets ridden. Been riding porcupine, deer, ridge for years without issue.

I also ride the part of the trail where the 3 rocks are. Bonus: has anyone had a chance to clear the big tree? I tried to make a little trail to the left but if the tree was cut, you could loop that nice n fast.

9 hours ago

Hi all. Rode at Mt Apetite today (7/4) and pretty sure I left my backpack on the ground near my parking spot on Small road. Nothing of huge value, but would be great to get it back if anyone happened to grab it. My friend that rode w me went back to look for it with no luck. I left there around 3:30. Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Six back is finally finished. Total of about 9 hours and almost a full gallon of gas. Advantage of getting older is you forget how long it took the last time. ... See MoreSee Less

Six back is finally finished. Total of about 9 hours and almost a full gallon of gas. Advantage of getting older is you forget how long it took the last time.

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Thanks Ted!!!

You’re the man Ted. Thank you! Ashley look, you can see over it now.

Wow nice thank you for your work

How many gallons of water? Great job, Ted!

Very impressive! Thank you!

Thank you Thank you!!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thanks Ted!

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