November 2018 Regular Meeting

November 2018 Regular Meeting



*CeMe App – What to Build?  Guest speaker Brian Cooley- Gilliom

We were joined by local rider, and app developer to discuss the idea of creating a phone app for our chapter.

Ideas for useful tools:

  • Tracking volunteerism hours and photos
  • Tracking trail projects and work that is needed.  Ideas floated around a rider being able to take a picture and having it geo-tag the image and the rider being able to leave a short note about the perceived need.
  • Donation stream – making it easier for people to make trail donations.  Possibility of donations being trail system specific.
  • Membership reminders
  • Events/calendar/rides – reminder.  After some discussion it was decided that this would likely be a good place to focus initial efforts.  If the app were to push notifications to the user regarding weekly ride reminders, trail days, and other events it might be very useful.
  • Meet-Up feature: a way for users to schedule rides together.  (most already use FB for this)


1) Treasurers Report –

Cash on hand: $17,000 as of last deposit.

  • Most of our trail building expenses came due in the months of September and October.   Total: $11969.50. Majority of this was for the trail crew and for excavator work.
  • Justin’s observations:
    1. Trail crew expenses came in all at the end of the years.  We could do a better job at helping them get their time and invoices in with more regularity rather than all at once at the end of the season.   We can easily create an invoice template that they can use that will be based upon the spreadsheet of hours/tasks that we currently use to keep track of the work that is being done.
    2. During the last month + we had no funds coming in.  We should look at passive fundraising methods such as QR codes that link to paypal.  Other ideas?
    3. We received recent generous donations from, Allison Dulac, Rainboy Bicycles, Maine Cycling Club and Brian Cooley – Gilliom.  Chris to send thank you letters.

2) Trail Updates –

> Signage is still ongoing.  The hope is to finish “You are here” signs for both Pine Ridge and Mt. Apatite over the next couple months.  Realistically these will be done over the winter and put in place on foot or via fat bike.

> Bond Brook still needs a long boardwalk / bog bridge to connect the new trail that runs along the fence and connects 6-Back and Lizard.  

> Pine Ridge starting to see some significant “rootiness” in areas.  Spring workday there would be good to bring back the flow in some key areas.

3) Who is taking lead on upcoming events while Chris is on sabbatical?

> Spring Social : Disa and Ian

> Tread Fest : Justin and Ryan

> Women’s Clinic: Tracey Allen

Chris will create a document for each event that helps people plan.

4) Fundraising ideas for 2019

As we are now at the end of our 3 year grant cycle with the Onion foundation we need to be thinking creatively about how to replace those funds in other ways if we wish to continue with our trail crew in future summers.

  • Recently one of our members suggested a “Sponsor a trail crew” concept where a donor could select an amount they wish to donate, and then select the trail system where they wish for their donation to be used.   BOD agreed to try it out for 2019.
    1. $15 – 1 trail crew for 1 hour / $60 1 trail crew for ½ sday / $120 1 trail crew for 1 day / $360 entire crew for full day / $350 mini excavator for 1 day / $1260 trail crew for a week / $1400 mini-ex for a week.
  • Spring Auction: This event has grown every year and has a great deal of potential for fundraising.   We should start soliciting for auction items earlier and find a really cool location that will be fun for all.

5) Toy Run – CeMe will host first ever Toys for Tots bike ride this December.  

6) Board voted to make Renee Brezovsky an official member.  We now have a full board with representation from all our geographic areas.

September 2018 Regular Meeting

September 2018 Regular Meeting

CeMENEMBA Regular Board Meeting
September 4th, 2018
Bond Brook Recreational Area, Augusta

The central Maine chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association held a regular board meeting on September 4th, 2018 at 6:30 pm at the Bond Brook Recreational Area, Augusta.  Board members present were Chris Riley, Pres.; Disa, Ian, Rene, Justin L, Ryan, Brian Alexander, Ted Scharf, Frank, Tracy Allen, and Garry Hinkley.

Treasurer’s Report.  Justin Reported cash on hand of $21,830.  The balance as of 6/5/18 was $32,512, making expenditures for the summer $10,682.  No additional income for the period.  Expenses mainly were for the trail crew, mostly for the Mt. Apatite project.  Additional revenues, mostly from Treadfest have been received and will be reported on the next report. The net for Treadfest 2018 was approximately $1500 more than previous years.  This was due primarily to controlling expenses.

Chris reported that NEMBA is being audited by the IRS (routine), and it is imperative to have our records in order.

Coburn Woods.  Ted made a motion to confirm our vote by email to donate $1200 toward the Coburn Woods project.  Justin seconded.  The vote was 10-0 in favor with Brian abstaining.  The donation was used to match the Trustees’ donation. 

Trails Report.  The trail crew had a productive summer in spite of the heat.  We spent approximately $15,368 on trail work including salaries and equipment rental.  It amounted to 16.5 days of machine work and 849 hours of trail crew labor. Approximately $10,000 was spent on the 1.4 mile Signature Trail flow at Mt. Apatite.  Need to do some additional work to finish and to buff up other Mt. A trails (Blue Trail.)

Bond Brook needs some buffing and TLC.

Pine Ridge Kids’ loop is nearly finished and is riding well.

A-Trail and Minehonk Lake loops have been expanded and upgraded. Nearly every trail system has received some attention.  Mt. Apatite received 55% of hours, and Titcomb about 26%. 

We have the use of a 16X16 tool shed at Titcomb, donated by a local contractor and owned by the Ski Area.  This will allow us to store our northern zone tools. 

Odyssey Ride.  Motion by Ted/Disa, to set the date for the Odyssey ride for October 20th, with the gathering at Titcomb. 

Fundraising.  Chris proposed a possible fundraising event whereby people or organizations sponsor a trail project for a day or a week by donation.  Sponsor would get to select where the money is spent.

Winter Grooming.  Agreed in principle to support financially some limited winter grooming probably at Lake Auburn and Belgrade areas.  Also agreed in principle to continue to support local snowmobile clubs.

Next meeting.  November 13th at a location TBD.

Respectfully submitted,
Garry Hinkley, Sec.




April 2018 Regular Meeting

April 2018 Regular Meeting

CeMENEMBA Board Meeting
April 28, 2018

The CeMENEMBA Board of Directors held a board meeting on Saturday, April 28th at the Readfield Emporium, Readfield, ME.  The meeting was called to order at approximately 4pm, and preceded our annual spring social and auction.

Board members present included Chris Riley, Pres.; Disa, VP; Matt Swann, VP; Frank, VP (by phone); Rene; Justin, Treasurer; Brett; Ted Scharf: and Garry Hinkley, Secretary.

Treasurer’s report.  Justin reported cash on hand of $24,578.09.  Income was $25, 832.  Expenses $2561.01.  See Justin’s complete report for more details.  Principal income include $13,400 RTP grant reimbursement, and $10,000 NEMBA signature grant.

Approved applying for a new credit card with a $5,000 limit.  Motion by GH/second by Justin.  Unanimous. Agreed to spend up to $50 on Quickbooks accounting software. 

Discussed moving the spring social to a weeknight.

Trail Forks – trial five dollar donation?

NEMBA signature grant.  Will be used on improvements at Mt. Appetite.  Work to start in July.  Androscoggin Bank may help support.

Trail crew – Looks as if we will have three-four person trail crew for the summer.  Most or all of last year’s crew is returning. 

Treadfest will be a one day event this year.

Bond Brook Peabody project?  40/50 acre ?

Titcomb Women’s clinic – July 8th.  $20 refundable reservation fee. Also looking at the possibility of a co-ed higher level clinic.  Break even on costs.

Kid’s camp is up in the air.  Chris and Disa are working on finding new instructors. 

Need to finish the Pine Ridge Kids loop. 

Next meeting.  June 5th

January 2018 Regular Meeting

January 2018 Regular Meeting

CeMENEMBA Board Meeting
January 14, 2018
Gritty MCDuffs, Auburn, ME

The Central Maine Chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association held a regular board meeting on January 14, 2018 at Gritty McDuff’s restaurant in Auburn, ME, following a ride at the Lake Auburn Community Center.  The meeting came to order at approximately 4:00pm.  Board members present included Pres. Chris Riley, VP Frank, Ian, Brett, Ted Scharf, Brian A, Renee B, Treasurer Justin L, VP. Disa F, and secretary Garry Hinkley.

Proposed meeting schedule.  On a motion by Ian, agreed to meet bi-monthly starting in January 2018.  Brian seconded, and motion was approved. 

Treasurer’s report.  Justin presented an extensive reworking of the income and expense report.  The report provided a more detailed analysis of both revenues and expenditures by category.  The report showed a starting balance in January 2017 of $11,545.86.  Ending balance as of December 31 of $15,343.42.  Income was $43,960.76.  Expenses $39,323.72.   Net income $3,797.56. Justin’s report showed income by source, with the largest source being grants.  Largest expenses were for trail projects, with Quarry Road being the largest.

Chapter is owed approximately $2200 for Treadfest.

Discussed converting from using a credit card to a debit card.  Justin will pursue options.

Discussed pursuing an RTP grant for signage.  It was noted that due to trail construction, many of our maps already are out of date.

Discussed setting next year’s budget, but decided that rather than setting a firm budget we would do as we have been doing and assess our needs and expenses at each meeting and proceed as needed.

Reviewed 2017 Goals.  Chris led a review of our long-term goals.  He noted that we accomplished much of what we set out to do in our 2017 retreat.  Critical to that was having paid trail crew.  Also produced maps and some signage.  As far as we know we are still the only Maine chapter that regularly leads a ride every week during the “dirt season”.

Membership Renewals. Discussed options for increasing membership renewals.  Need to come up with membership incentives. 

Awards program.  Discussed creating a volunteer of the year award, with the prize possibly being a bike shop gift certificate (purchased at cost.)

Future grants.  Still have one year left on the Onion grant.  After that, our goal is to be self-supporting (with respect to that revenue.)  Will skip the RTP grant for 2018, but may try again in 2019.  May look into applying for a NEMBA signature grant.  *update(2/1/18): Chris met with representative from City of Auburn and they are excited about the possibility of the grant and will aid us with letters of support and act as a partner in the grant.

Spring Social.  The spring social will be April 28th @5pm at the Emporium in Readfield.  Event will include an auction.  Auction items are needed.  Goal for the auction is $5,000.

First Aid course.  Decided to look into an informational instruction class.  Informal, without a certificate. Brett and Disa to look into options for hosting a spring “trail first aid”.

Snowmobile Club donations. Moved and seconded to donate fifty dollars each to six local snowmobile clubs to support trail maintenance.  ($300 total.) Moved by Ted, and seconded by Brett.  Approved unanimously. 

Moved to reimburse Brian Alexander for gas and oil for grooming Kennebec Highlands trails.  Motion by Justin, and second by Ted.  Approved unanimously. 

Merchandise.  Acquiring Diva gear and possibly guys’ jerseys and hat for resale.

Calendar Items.

                Treadfest – June 16th

                Titcomb Womens clinic – July 7th.

Kids clinic and Ride.  Three days.  (spring/summer/fall).  Possible paid staff (stipend.)  planning for 12 kids@$20 each.

Odyssey ride – October 13th

Next meeting – March 13th @6:30 in Augusta

September 2017 Regular Meeting

September 2017 Regular Meeting


September 5, 2017

The Central Maine Chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association held a regular meeting on Tuesday, September 6th at 6:30 at Augusta City Hall.  Present were: President Chris Riley, VPs Disa F. Frank Jalbert, and Matt Swann (by phone.)  Also present were Treasurer Brett Vancott, Renee, Ian Ogilvie, Brian Alexander, and Ted Scharf.

Chris welcomed everyone and noted the highly successful summer of trail building, maintenance, events, and riding.  He thanked everyone for their efforts.

Treasurer’s report.  Brett gave the treasurer’s report. She noted a beginning balance on June 6, 2017 of $17,253.88, and a closing balance of $7175.39 on Sept. 5.  Income for the period was $11,421.  Expenses were $21,499.49 Most of the expenses were for trail-related work, including $17,456 for the Quarry Road project.  Most of the QR project will be reimbursed from the RTP grant.  In addition to the RTP reimbursement, we expect about $2500 to $3500 in Treadfest income.  We owe the trail crew approximately $7,000.  We expect to take a balance into the new year of approximately the same as we carried into this year.

Trail crew.  Chris reported that the trail crew did an outstanding job.  As independent contractors, they are being paid $10/hr.  Matt Swann moved and Ted seconded that Nolan receive a $1/hr. bonus for outstanding performance.  That would amount to about $200 additional for the summer. 

Treasurer election.  Brett VanCott is resigning as treasurer.  The Board offered its thanks for her hard work over the past two years.  Brian nominated Justin Lagassey as the new treasurer.  Seconded by Frank.  The vote was unanimous, and is effective with the completion of the paperwork, hopefully by October 1st.  Justin has been working with Brett on the transition. 

PR Kids Loop.  Chris will try to finish the Pine Ridge Kids loop this fall.  This is an obligation of our Kennebec Saving Bank grant. 

Odyssey Event.  The Odyssey event has been scheduled for October 20-21.  The venue for the party is to be determined.  Lost Valley in Auburn and Ricker Hill Farms in Turner were suggested.  The event includes an opportunity to ride as many CeMENEMBA-maintained trails as possible from 5pm Friday until 5pm Saturday.  A social event to follow on Saturday evening.  While not primarily a fundraising event, there will be raffles and donations accepted.

TNTs.  The days dwindle down to a precious few.  It was agreed to try to do dispersed leaf blowing on as many trails as possible. 

Accomplishments.  Chris handed out a summary of our 2017 trail work accomplishments, based on our strategic plan developed last winter.  He noted that it is a five year plan.  Our trail system has expanded and is in very good shape.  Total hours of work needs to be determined, but it is substantial.

Sappi “Community Ideas that Matter” grant.  Chris will be pursuing this grant opportunity for the Coburn Woods trail system in Skowhegan.  Seeking $2500.  The Trustees of the Somerset Woods Land Trust have agreed to match the grant.

In general, Chris would like to pursue a strategy of applying for micro-grants from local organizations.

Trail Maps.  We have sold out of our 250 printing.  Since many of the trail systems have since been expanded, we need to make a new addition.  Discussed the need for better trail naming, and signage on the ground. Chris will work with Jean-Luc Theriault on revised GPS.  Also will be seeking new sponsors for new additions such as Coburn Woods.

Next meeting will be October 10 at 6:30 at Augusta City Hall.

Respectfully Submitted,

Garry Hinkley,


March 2017 Regular Meeting

March 2017 Regular Meeting

CeMENEMBA Board of Directors Meeting

March 7, 2017

Augusta City Hall

The Board of Directors of the Central Maine Chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association held its regular meeting on Tuesday, March 7th, 2017b at 6:30 at Augusta City Hall. Present were: Chris Riley, Pres.; Disa F, Vice Pres.; Matt Swann, Vice Pres. (by phone); Frank, Vice Pres.; Brett VanCott, Treasurer; Garry Hinkley, Sec.; Brian Alexander, Trail Master; Justin; Ted Eames; Ted S.; Carey; Renee; and Christina.

Treasurer’s report. Brett reported a beginning balance on January 10, 2017 of $11,545.86. Income included $2320 from the Gravel Grind, and $403.50 chapter rebates. Expenses for the period totaled $1362.62. The greatest expenses were $500 to Connect Consulting for the strategic plan and $270 for catering the planning meeting; $400 total donations to eight area snowmobile clubs for tail support; $143.62 for signs for L/A center; $50 for advertising; and $49 for USPS.

Ending balance is $12,906.74. Accounts receivable include about $2800 for Treadfest 2016.

Brett reminded everyone who plans on turning in expense receipts to use the tracking form. It’s very important to track expenses to the proper projects.

Onion grant. Chris reported that our first phase of the Onion grant has been approved. Chris will finish the application. If awarded the grant will be for $5,000 to support a paid trail crew. This will be the second year of a possible three year support grant, with the intent of being self sustaining in the future.

Quarry Rd. RTP grant project. Shooting for a June start date. Brian to coordinate with the MCC staff. We need to track our time and expenses for the match. Friends of Quarry Road are responsible for the cash match. The plan is to build at least a mile of new beginner mountain bike trail.

Bylaws adoption. The draft bylaws were adopted with minor revisions and will be posted to the CeMENEMBA website. Ted Eames moved the adoption as amended. Seconded by Ted Scharf. Vote was unanimous.

Membership. We have an estimated 250 members including 59 individual members and 65 family memberships. Revised our membership goal to 200 memberships by 2020.

Strategic Plan Follow up. Based on the strategic plan, formed three new committees: membership, events, and Trails.

Membership committee: Renee, Chair; Ted Eames, Garry.

Events and rides committee: Disa, Chair; Brett, Chris R., Justin.

Trails committee: Brian A, Chair; Justion, Matt Swann, Renee, Christina.

Diva Swag. Is on order. Clothing and other items to sell to raise revenue.

Website modernization and hosting. Received a quote from John Waller for website redesign, support and hosting to include SSL for financial payments. The quote was for $1250 for the redesign and $500 annually for hosting and support. It was opined that a redesigned website that offered more capabilities including the ability to take payments for donations and sales was desirable and should pay for itself. Brett moved approval of $1750 for redesign and first year support. Justin seconded. Vote was unanimous.

Tools inventory. Matt, Frank, Chris, and Brian have most of the tools. Chris presented the tool inventory. A few tools have gone missing. Everyone will look around and call members who may have them. Chris will make name stickers for our tools.

Selling Merchandise. Should have someone at every event selling our merchandise.

Handouts. Need something to give out on the trails when we encounter riders.

Mapping. Mapping almost is done.

Calendar. The spring social/auction will be April 29th at a location to be determined. We have about $2800 in auction items already donated.

Spring Clinic – Mt. Apatite. Frank. May 2nd.

Trail building clinic – 5/20 @ Mt Apatite. Details to come.

Next meeting April 4th at 6:30 Augusta City Hall