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November 23, 2015

The Central Mane Chapter of the New England Mountain Biking Association held a regular board meeting on Monday, November 23, 2015 at Augusta City Hall.  Meeting began at 6pm.  Present were: Chris Riley, pres; Sarah Aviano Cross, vice pres.; Brett VanCott, Treasurer; Ted S, Ted E, Brian A.; Ellen, Ian, and Garry Hinkley, Sec.

The minutes of the July 22nd meeting were accepted with a minor spelling correction.

Treasurer’s report.  Sarah gave the treasurer’s report.  She reported a July beginning balance of $5,187.36.  Expenses were $2,517.78 mostly for bridge building materials and Treadfest. Income was $2900 including $2500 donation from KSB; $200 chapter rebate; $100 donation for FAT project; and $100 donation for L/A project.  Ending balance is $5,958.86.  This does not include any Treadfest revenues.  Treadfest revenues are estimated to be between $2,000 to $2,500.  Down a little bit from the prior year due to weather concerns.

Trail work report.  Chris reported that we built over 200 ft. of bridges this summer at various locations.  Average cost was $10/ft. We still have materials left over.   Also added new trail sections and improvements at many of our riding centers.  It was a great summer for trail work and a ton of good work was accomplished.

Range Pond Kiosk.  Brian Rulo of Rulo Timber Works built and donated the kiosk at Range Pond.  CEMENEMBA provided cedar shingles/roof.  Kiosk to be finalized with artwork in Spring of ’16.

Pine Ridge Beginner Loop.  Chris bush hogged a beginner loop at Pine Ridge.  Should be mowed and taken to dirt before winter.  Ellen will check with Mac about a riding mower.  Will have the opportunity to enhance with berms, pumps, and rolls etc.

BRCM project.  Brian reported that 2.8 miles had been cleared, with about 1.4 miles raked and de-stumped. He is meeting with DOC managers to discuss further work.  This is a multiuse trail in Belgrade.  As soon as DOC has finalized approval we will make larger scale announcement to our membership.

Treasurer Election.  Sarah’s elevation to vice president created a vacancy for treasurer.  Chris nominated Brett VanCott, seconded by Ted Eames.  Vote was unanimous.  The secretary to write a letter to notify KSB.

Winter projects.  The mapping project is underway.  The goal is to be finished by mid-April and to be able to distribute maps by May to bike shops etc..  Will include all of our significant trail systems, including the Res, Bond Brook, Pine Ridge, Highlands, Turner Riverlands, and Range pond.  We will ask for donations to defray costs.

Brett noted that several trail finder apps list our trails, but that the information needs to be updated.

Coupon Booklet.  Agreed to pursue the creation of a discount coupon booklet to sell.  Local biking-related business will be approached about participation.  (two for one discounts; free beverage etc.)  Need to draft a solicitation letter, and put together a list of likely businesses.

Grants.  Chris is looking to pursue several grant opportunities including the Libra Foundation, KSB, People for Bikes, and Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund.  There also is the possibility of applying for an RTP grant.

Paid trail staff.  Discussed the possibility of having paid trail staff for the summer.  Possibly two staff 20-30 hours a week for 8-10 weeks.  Estimated cost of $6,000. Discussed options including going through a Temp agency to handle personnel/payroll/tax issues.

Central Maine Cycling Club. Dave Richards has handed the reigns  of CMCC to Matt Reynolds.   CeMe looks forward to continuing a good relationship with this group and to working together to help the cycling community.

Treadfest 2016.  Current October date is not working out very well.  Weather and short days are a concern.  People wait too long to sign up.  Agreed to move the date to June 25-26, and make it a two day event.  It would be biking only.  Saturday first race would be for novices and kids.  Expert race to follow.  Sunday would be more social, with group rides, skills etc.  Camping at BB.  More opportunity to sell food and beverages.

Bond Brook winter Riding.  BB will be open for winter riding.

Next meeting is January 11, 2016.



Garry Hinkley


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