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CeMENEMBA Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2015

The regular monthly meeting of the Central Maine Chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Club was held on March 9th, at Augusta City Hall.  The meeting was called to order by Pres. Chris Riley at 6pm.

Members present included Chris Riley, Brian Alexander, Ted Sharf, Chris O’Toole and daughter, Carol, Ellen, Ted Eames, John Waller, and Garry Hinkley.

Carol Johnson announced she was resigning as treasurer as she is moving to Colorado.  The group offered their thanks and wished Carol well.  Chris R will contact Sarah Cross about accepting the treasurer position.   Sarah was voted in as new treasurer on the 10th.  Welcome Sarah!

Carol gave the treasurer’s report.  She reported a beginning balance of $2,723.76, no expenses, and income $3,000 from Treadfest and $275 from chapter rebates for a balance of $5,998.76.  Chris reported a $100 donation from Mike Sizinger in Carol Johnson’s mother’s name.

Project list.  Chris has prepared a project list in google docs which he will circulate for comments.

Brian reported on the mapping project.  He expects work to begin in earnest in the spring. NEMBA would like a presence on the ME Office of Tourism website.

NEMBA trail crew.  Voted to fund two scholarships (with mileage expenses) to the NEMBA trail school.  Motion made by Carol, and seconded by Ellen.  Passed unanimously.

Ted Eames generously offered to donate a 720 bar and stem to volunteer working the most hours this season.  (Officers are not eligible.)

Chris will be writing a (fundraising) newsletter.  The scholarships and volunteer reward will be included.

Bylaws?  Need to locate the chapter bylaws, or adopt new bylaws.

People for Bikes grant.  CeMENEMBA has made the preliminary cut for this grant.  Chris plans to apply for $10,000 to fund one-third of a summer trail crew project.  The plan is for a six person crew (plus oversight) to work eight weeks on six sites.  Chris intends to fundraise the balance.  Grant is due by the end of March.  Several letters of support will be solicited.

Meeting adjourned at 7pm to attend the Bond Brook long range planning meeting.

The Manchester and Hallowell Conservation Commissions jointly are pursuing a Quimby Family grant in the amount of $20,000 for the purpose of documenting and assessing the community’s recreational tails.  The grant requires a 501.C3 organization to serve as fiscal agent.  Garry has asked if CeMENEMBA would serve as the fiscal agent.  There is no risk to CEMENEMBA as the Town of Manchester would manage any contracts and pay all bills.


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