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CEMENEMBA Monthly Meeting

January 12, 2015

The Central Maine Chapter of the New England Mountain Biking Association held its regular monthly meeting on January 12, 2015 at 6pm at Augusta City Center.  Present were Pres. Chris Riley, Treasurer Carol Johnson, Ian, Brian B, Brian A, Ted S, Ted E, Ellen, Mitch, Jean-Luc, Brycent, Sarah, and Garry.

Treasurers report.  Carol presented the 2014 budget summary.  She reported a beginning balance of $5,577.43, income of $2107.00 and expenses of $4797.39.  In addition, Tread Fest income of approximately $3,000 will arrive shortly.

•John Waller has offered to develop an order site for our website to sell swag.  Also, Mathieu’s may be willing to display and sell our swag.  Chris R will be taking photos of the swag for the website and sending to John, and Carol is going to speak with Jim Mathieu’s.

•Membership.  We are doing well and are up to 84 members.  Chris would like to reach 100 members by springtime.

•We deemed it necessary to create an updated tools inventory as we head into springtime.  Also need to create a wish-list of tools for the coming year.  EZ-Diggers are needed for sure.

•Mapping Project.  Brian A is working with Gill Cornelli from TRC on the trail mapping project.  Intend to have the maps available by spring if possible.  Much of this project is at the whim of Gill’s schedule, so the timeline is not something we can control.  A single map of all the trails would be available for sale, probably with advertising.

•Coupon Books.  Chris O’Toole is heading a project to develop a coupon book as a membership premium.  Need to solicit businesses near trail centers to partner with.  We are following the very successful VMBA model.

•Winter Carnival.  The QR winter carnival will be January 31 from 10 to 2.  GreatMainewellness.org  Brian A is heading up volunteer coordination for this event.

•TNT’s will start May 5th, and will be every other Tuesday.  Discussion about how much effort to give to satellite locations (Farmington/ Skowhegan/ Turner/ KH.)  Would very much like to do another labor swap with FAT as a way of accomplishing a large project.  At the next meeting people will be asked to come with a list of needs for their respective responsibility areas.  Ellen/Chris O – PR.  Garry/Carol – RES.  Chris R – BB. Brian – KH.   Goal of generating a list is to create a prioritized list for the spring.

•Family Picnic Day will be June 28th at the Res.  Should mention to the Hallowell Conservation Commission.

• We will be scheduling a “Trail Fest” on June 7th (National Trails day.)  Spread out to PR, BB, Res?  Or focus on one location?  Details to be discussed at next mtg.

•Treadfest will be Oct. 18th.

•Trail Stewards.  Garry will take the Res with Carol as back up.  Otherwise, assignments remain the same.

•Maine triple Crown race?  Carrabassett, Presque Isle, BB?  Chris to reach out to the other race directors to talk about the possibility of doing this.

•Carlton Pond, Readfield.  Has been logged and no longer is a primary water supply.  It is available for trails, and CEMENEMBA has been invited.  We will be doing a walk-through with Jake Maier over the winter/spring to discuss possibilities.

•Quarry Road – opportunity to build some single track.

•Paid trail crew.  Need to explore funding/grant options.  Chris has written an outline to get this started.  Chris is researching grant options and working on refining the outline and creating a clear path forward. 

Maine Stage Race concept-  see handout.  Chris wants feedback.


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