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The regular monthly meeting of the Central Maine Chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association was held on Monday March 7th at 6pm at Augusta City Hall.  Members present were Chris Riley, pres.; Ted S; Brian A; Sarah C, Treasurer emerita; Ted E.; Frank; Ian; Ellen; Mac; and Garry, Sec.

Treasurer’s report.  Sarah reported a beginning balance of $9905.13 and an ending balance of $9888.30.  We received a Kennebec Savings Bank grant of $2500 for ongoing trail work.  We have outstanding additional outstanding income of $350 for our participation in the Fat Tire Loppet race, and $131 in dues rebates.  This gives us financial assets of approximately $12,800.  It was agreed that we would use 2015 Tread Fest funds, and KSB funds to realize a trail crew if we can raise the needed additional funds.

Future fundraising ideas.  Agreed to send out direct appeals to our email list and then on our face book page.  The goal is to raise enough match to fund a two person trail crew for about six weeks.

We made the first cut on the People for Bikes grant application.  The intent is to make trail improvements at the Allen-Whitney Forest trails.

Ellen reported that Inland Hospital is starting their process for their grant awards.  The hospital is focusing on projects that would combat obesity.  In the past, the hospital has made smaller grants.  This year, the hospital is focusing on fewer larger grants.

Chris shared a letter prepared to solicit businesses for the coupon booklet.  Several businesses have been contacted.  Looking to go to print in mid-April.  Chris will explore costs and printing options.

Tent back drop and awning curtain.  Discussed buying a back drop and awning curtain for the events awning.  Sarah will look into prices.  Frank will check with Chip on price and options.

Map project.  Chris has been working with Jean-Luc Theriault on the GIS data, and the project has started.  We reviewed various maps and options.  Need costing options.

2016 Calendar.  Tuesday Night Trailwork (TNTs) will start Tuesday April 5th and will continue every other Tuesday through the fall, except for Tuesday July 5th.  Will probably start at the Res.  A full schedule will be developed and updated as necessary.  In addition, several full day weekend trail days will be scheduled.

Wednesday Night Rides will commence starting probably March 23rd with a rail trail ride.  Meet at 5:30, ride at 5:45.  Auburn rides will be Wednesdays at 6:30 at Mt. Apitite, and Sunday at 7:30 am at Range Pond.

June 4th is National trails day.  Probably will do a family event at the Res with food.

Calendar cont.

Treadfest is scheduled for June 25-26 at Bond Brook.  Volunteers needed.

Titcomb’s Women’s Clinic is scheduled for May 11 in Farmington.

NEMBAFest is June 17-19 at Kingdom Trails, East Burke, VT.

A-trail Day – June 12th.

Chapter board meetings currently scheduled for April 4th, May 2nd June 6th, and Sept. 12th at 6pm at Augusta City Hall.  Other meetings may be called as necessary, and may be scheduled with ride events.

Other business.  Need to develop a tool inventory and establish tool caches.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15pm.


Garry Hinkley, Sec.

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