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CeMeNEMBA Board Mtg. 1/12/16

In attendance:  Chris Riley, Brett Van Cott, Sarah Cross, Brian Alexander, Ian Ogilvie, Ted Scharf, Frank Jalbert

Trails update / Project Report:

Monataka: Final approval was given on this trail.  Some small concessions were made to the original design such that a ½ mile of trail will not be included in finished project.  The total loop will be about 2 miles.  The trail should be ready for a grand opening and unveiling by sometime in June, possible June 1 with good spring weather for trail building.

A-Trail: Brian continues to work directly with D.O.C. to get approval and funding for this project.  He has received funding to continue his work in 2016 and will add another mile of trail to the existing system.  

Turner: We have had good feedback from the 2 bridges that were built this fall.  There are still at least 2 more bridges that are needed along with some other work on the trails farther up the ridge. We recently received an email from the park manager about rogue trails and stopping the development of these.  BOD working on how to approach this, help the park manager while not being seen as enforcement of riders.  We do not want to get into a situation where we are enforcing park rules.  We wish to set the example only.   Ideally the rogue trails will be allowed to stay so that we can work on getting them up to current trail standards.  Rogue or not, people will use a trail if it’s there, it’s best to make it a sustainable trail and prevent erosion.

Auburn community property: 150 acres of land that is available for trail development.  Possibility of another 150 acres of adjacent private land to add to a trail system.  Frank working to get a meeting scheduled with the key people so that a plan can get forged and work can start as early as 2016.

Res: no new projects planned for 2016 as of now.   Still researching the possibility of building a spur to Manchester town land and working toward a connection with Allen-Whitney in the long run.

Bond Brook: 2016 will see continuation of  Western Way and Northern Exposure.  Spurwink kids planned to return again for the summer.  Awaiting final word from Spurwink administrators.

Pine Ridge: Work on the kids loop will resume as soon as spring weather permits.  Also need to finish buffing out the new loop out toward Final Descent.

Range Pond: Kiosk is done for the season.  Chip Keene is going to help with the artwork and signage this spring.


*Chris working on grant proposals currently.  Going to resubmit People For Bikes again with a focus on a singular project.   Also looking into other grant opportunities.   Overall focus is to be able to hire at least 2 full time trail workers for summer 2106.

*Hoping to meet with Kennebec Saving Bank about the possibility of funding a project/s in 2016.  Board agrees to spend proceeds from Tread Fest 2015 on labor costs to supplement trail crew.

*Other avenues for funding are starting to appear and we are pursuing them as quickly as possible.

*Work on coupon booklet is going to increase in speed so that we can ideally launch the booklet in March or April.  Cost of booklet to be determined.

Treasurers Report:

*Brett getting up to speed with her role.  Last bits of paperwork to be done soon and then she will be up to speed completely.

*As of 11/30/15 we had $5960.35 in account.   

Sarah gave Brent the chapter rebate check for $870.

*Tread Fest payment should be made this week.

Other business:

Website – needs updating.  Please send any/all changes to Chris for review.  He will make changes.

Tread Fest – will be on June 25/26 this year.  Main event will be a 6 hour endurance event.  Other smaller events to take place dependent on whether it’s combined with running or not.   

Nemba.org – need to update main office and make sure that our events are also on their page/event list.

Apps/Web listing –  recognize the need to update trail listings and information on apps like MTBR project and Singletracks.  This will be much easier to do once the mapping project has been completed.

Maine Snowmobile Assn: CeMeNEMBA to make $250 donation to Maine Snowmobile Association.  This will be in the form of a $150 donation as a supporting member, and 5 smaller donations to geographically relevant snowmobile clubs.  Chris sending cover letter that will highlight our appreciation of the trails and grooming as well as the guidelines used for bikes on snowmobile trails.

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