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CeMENEMBA Board Meeting
Monday, April 4th, at 6pm

The Central Maine Chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association held a regular board meeting on Monday, January 24th at 6pm via Zoom.  Officers and members present included Chris Riley, Chair; VPs Disa F., Frank Jalbert, and Matt Swan; Treasurer Leslie Wilson; Secretary Garry Hinkley; Tracey Allen, Renee B., Ian Oglivie, and Ryan Walker.  Also present, Brian Alexander, trail master.

Treasurer’s report.  Leslie provided the balance sheet and bank statement for the period since the last meeting in February.  There have been minimal financial transactions for the period.  Leslie reported a balance of $116,146.

“Spread the Love” Grant.  Chris reported receipt of a $22,500 MMBTF grant to support four projects.  These include Surrey Hill, Bond Brook, Titcomb, and Quarry Road.  Partners will provide part of the match.  CeMENEMBA will provide $15,000 as will the partners.  Work to be completed over the next two years.

Manchester Woods.  CeMENEMBA will be making a proposal to construct the Manchester Woods project, which is an extension of the Kerns Hill connector.  This two to Three mile project extends along the Pipeline on town of Manchester property, and connects to the Hallowell Res.  This also is slated as a two year project, funded principally by an RTP grant awarded to the Town of Manchester.  Bids due April 15th.

Trail Crew.  Chris presented the expected makeup and plans for the summer trail crew.  We expect to have up to 11 crew members, divided into three teams geographically.  Several experienced members are coming back to be team leaders.  Wil Libby is expected to return as overall supervisor.  

Spring Cleanup.  Some trail cleanup already has started informally.  Chris suggested working first on the Res and Range Pond trails as they tend to dry first.  He will try to organize teams for each location.  Garry will contact the Hallowell Conservation Commission regarding the annual Res review required by the MOU. 

Pine Ridge.  Because of the airport expansion and logging, trails are Pine Ridge need to be relocated and reconstructed.  This will be a long term, multiphase project.  

Spring Social.  The Spring Social and fundraiser is Saturday, May 14th at the Woodshed in Manchester.  We need to create a buzz, and need to obtain additional auction items.  

Women’s Clinic.  The event will be dictated by the number of instructors available.  

Winter Riding/Grooming Report.  It was an up and down winter riding season.  Only YHF was groomed for riding.  Lack of consistent conditions and lack of staffing prevented grooming at Lost Valley and the Allen-Whitney Forest.  Brian reported that YHF received approximately 200 hours of grooming.  Based on previous votes, agreed to reimburse Brain for his expenses.

Voted unanimously to thank the landowners for parking, and to send $100.  Motion by Chris, seconded by Leslie.

Vienna Mountain.  The State has acquired more land on and around Vienna Mountain, including the blueberry barrens.  We are hopeful of being able to be able to construct more trails in the area.

Respectfully submitted,

Garry Hinkley, Sec.


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