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CeMENEMBA Board of Directors Meeting

March 7, 2017

Augusta City Hall

The Board of Directors of the Central Maine Chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association held its regular meeting on Tuesday, March 7th, 2017b at 6:30 at Augusta City Hall. Present were: Chris Riley, Pres.; Disa F, Vice Pres.; Matt Swann, Vice Pres. (by phone); Frank, Vice Pres.; Brett VanCott, Treasurer; Garry Hinkley, Sec.; Brian Alexander, Trail Master; Justin; Ted Eames; Ted S.; Carey; Renee; and Christina.

Treasurer’s report. Brett reported a beginning balance on January 10, 2017 of $11,545.86. Income included $2320 from the Gravel Grind, and $403.50 chapter rebates. Expenses for the period totaled $1362.62. The greatest expenses were $500 to Connect Consulting for the strategic plan and $270 for catering the planning meeting; $400 total donations to eight area snowmobile clubs for tail support; $143.62 for signs for L/A center; $50 for advertising; and $49 for USPS.

Ending balance is $12,906.74. Accounts receivable include about $2800 for Treadfest 2016.

Brett reminded everyone who plans on turning in expense receipts to use the tracking form. It’s very important to track expenses to the proper projects.

Onion grant. Chris reported that our first phase of the Onion grant has been approved. Chris will finish the application. If awarded the grant will be for $5,000 to support a paid trail crew. This will be the second year of a possible three year support grant, with the intent of being self sustaining in the future.

Quarry Rd. RTP grant project. Shooting for a June start date. Brian to coordinate with the MCC staff. We need to track our time and expenses for the match. Friends of Quarry Road are responsible for the cash match. The plan is to build at least a mile of new beginner mountain bike trail.

Bylaws adoption. The draft bylaws were adopted with minor revisions and will be posted to the CeMENEMBA website. Ted Eames moved the adoption as amended. Seconded by Ted Scharf. Vote was unanimous.

Membership. We have an estimated 250 members including 59 individual members and 65 family memberships. Revised our membership goal to 200 memberships by 2020.

Strategic Plan Follow up. Based on the strategic plan, formed three new committees: membership, events, and Trails.

Membership committee: Renee, Chair; Ted Eames, Garry.

Events and rides committee: Disa, Chair; Brett, Chris R., Justin.

Trails committee: Brian A, Chair; Justion, Matt Swann, Renee, Christina.

Diva Swag. Is on order. Clothing and other items to sell to raise revenue.

Website modernization and hosting. Received a quote from John Waller for website redesign, support and hosting to include SSL for financial payments. The quote was for $1250 for the redesign and $500 annually for hosting and support. It was opined that a redesigned website that offered more capabilities including the ability to take payments for donations and sales was desirable and should pay for itself. Brett moved approval of $1750 for redesign and first year support. Justin seconded. Vote was unanimous.

Tools inventory. Matt, Frank, Chris, and Brian have most of the tools. Chris presented the tool inventory. A few tools have gone missing. Everyone will look around and call members who may have them. Chris will make name stickers for our tools.

Selling Merchandise. Should have someone at every event selling our merchandise.

Handouts. Need something to give out on the trails when we encounter riders.

Mapping. Mapping almost is done.

Calendar. The spring social/auction will be April 29th at a location to be determined. We have about $2800 in auction items already donated.

Spring Clinic – Mt. Apatite. Frank. May 2nd.

Trail building clinic – 5/20 @ Mt Apatite. Details to come.

Next meeting April 4th at 6:30 Augusta City Hall




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