September 2017 Regular Meeting

September 2017 Regular Meeting


September 5, 2017

The Central Maine Chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association held a regular meeting on Tuesday, September 6th at 6:30 at Augusta City Hall.  Present were: President Chris Riley, VPs Disa F. Frank Jalbert, and Matt Swann (by phone.)  Also present were Treasurer Brett Vancott, Renee, Ian Ogilvie, Brian Alexander, and Ted Scharf.

Chris welcomed everyone and noted the highly successful summer of trail building, maintenance, events, and riding.  He thanked everyone for their efforts.

Treasurer’s report.  Brett gave the treasurer’s report. She noted a beginning balance on June 6, 2017 of $17,253.88, and a closing balance of $7175.39 on Sept. 5.  Income for the period was $11,421.  Expenses were $21,499.49 Most of the expenses were for trail-related work, including $17,456 for the Quarry Road project.  Most of the QR project will be reimbursed from the RTP grant.  In addition to the RTP reimbursement, we expect about $2500 to $3500 in Treadfest income.  We owe the trail crew approximately $7,000.  We expect to take a balance into the new year of approximately the same as we carried into this year.

Trail crew.  Chris reported that the trail crew did an outstanding job.  As independent contractors, they are being paid $10/hr.  Matt Swann moved and Ted seconded that Nolan receive a $1/hr. bonus for outstanding performance.  That would amount to about $200 additional for the summer. 

Treasurer election.  Brett VanCott is resigning as treasurer.  The Board offered its thanks for her hard work over the past two years.  Brian nominated Justin Lagassey as the new treasurer.  Seconded by Frank.  The vote was unanimous, and is effective with the completion of the paperwork, hopefully by October 1st.  Justin has been working with Brett on the transition. 

PR Kids Loop.  Chris will try to finish the Pine Ridge Kids loop this fall.  This is an obligation of our Kennebec Saving Bank grant. 

Odyssey Event.  The Odyssey event has been scheduled for October 20-21.  The venue for the party is to be determined.  Lost Valley in Auburn and Ricker Hill Farms in Turner were suggested.  The event includes an opportunity to ride as many CeMENEMBA-maintained trails as possible from 5pm Friday until 5pm Saturday.  A social event to follow on Saturday evening.  While not primarily a fundraising event, there will be raffles and donations accepted.

TNTs.  The days dwindle down to a precious few.  It was agreed to try to do dispersed leaf blowing on as many trails as possible. 

Accomplishments.  Chris handed out a summary of our 2017 trail work accomplishments, based on our strategic plan developed last winter.  He noted that it is a five year plan.  Our trail system has expanded and is in very good shape.  Total hours of work needs to be determined, but it is substantial.

Sappi “Community Ideas that Matter” grant.  Chris will be pursuing this grant opportunity for the Coburn Woods trail system in Skowhegan.  Seeking $2500.  The Trustees of the Somerset Woods Land Trust have agreed to match the grant.

In general, Chris would like to pursue a strategy of applying for micro-grants from local organizations.

Trail Maps.  We have sold out of our 250 printing.  Since many of the trail systems have since been expanded, we need to make a new addition.  Discussed the need for better trail naming, and signage on the ground. Chris will work with Jean-Luc Theriault on revised GPS.  Also will be seeking new sponsors for new additions such as Coburn Woods.

Next meeting will be October 10 at 6:30 at Augusta City Hall.

Respectfully Submitted,

Garry Hinkley,


CeMeNEMBA Meeting Minutes March 7, 2016

The regular monthly meeting of the Central Maine Chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association was held on Monday March 7th at 6pm at Augusta City Hall.  Members present were Chris Riley, pres.; Ted S; Brian A; Sarah C, Treasurer emerita; Ted E.; Frank; Ian; Ellen; Mac; and Garry, Sec.

Treasurer’s report.  Sarah reported a beginning balance of $9905.13 and an ending balance of $9888.30.  We received a Kennebec Savings Bank grant of $2500 for ongoing trail work.  We have outstanding additional outstanding income of $350 for our participation in the Fat Tire Loppet race, and $131 in dues rebates.  This gives us financial assets of approximately $12,800.  It was agreed that we would use 2015 Tread Fest funds, and KSB funds to realize a trail crew if we can raise the needed additional funds.

Future fundraising ideas.  Agreed to send out direct appeals to our email list and then on our face book page.  The goal is to raise enough match to fund a two person trail crew for about six weeks.

We made the first cut on the People for Bikes grant application.  The intent is to make trail improvements at the Allen-Whitney Forest trails.

Ellen reported that Inland Hospital is starting their process for their grant awards.  The hospital is focusing on projects that would combat obesity.  In the past, the hospital has made smaller grants.  This year, the hospital is focusing on fewer larger grants.

Chris shared a letter prepared to solicit businesses for the coupon booklet.  Several businesses have been contacted.  Looking to go to print in mid-April.  Chris will explore costs and printing options.

Tent back drop and awning curtain.  Discussed buying a back drop and awning curtain for the events awning.  Sarah will look into prices.  Frank will check with Chip on price and options.

Map project.  Chris has been working with Jean-Luc Theriault on the GIS data, and the project has started.  We reviewed various maps and options.  Need costing options.

2016 Calendar.  Tuesday Night Trailwork (TNTs) will start Tuesday April 5th and will continue every other Tuesday through the fall, except for Tuesday July 5th.  Will probably start at the Res.  A full schedule will be developed and updated as necessary.  In addition, several full day weekend trail days will be scheduled.

Wednesday Night Rides will commence starting probably March 23rd with a rail trail ride.  Meet at 5:30, ride at 5:45.  Auburn rides will be Wednesdays at 6:30 at Mt. Apitite, and Sunday at 7:30 am at Range Pond.

June 4th is National trails day.  Probably will do a family event at the Res with food.

Calendar cont.

Treadfest is scheduled for June 25-26 at Bond Brook.  Volunteers needed.

Titcomb’s Women’s Clinic is scheduled for May 11 in Farmington.

NEMBAFest is June 17-19 at Kingdom Trails, East Burke, VT.

A-trail Day – June 12th.

Chapter board meetings currently scheduled for April 4th, May 2nd June 6th, and Sept. 12th at 6pm at Augusta City Hall.  Other meetings may be called as necessary, and may be scheduled with ride events.

Other business.  Need to develop a tool inventory and establish tool caches.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15pm.


Garry Hinkley, Sec.

CeMeNEMBA Meeting Minutes January 12, 2016

CeMeNEMBA Board Mtg. 1/12/16

In attendance:  Chris Riley, Brett Van Cott, Sarah Cross, Brian Alexander, Ian Ogilvie, Ted Scharf, Frank Jalbert

Trails update / Project Report:

Monataka: Final approval was given on this trail.  Some small concessions were made to the original design such that a ½ mile of trail will not be included in finished project.  The total loop will be about 2 miles.  The trail should be ready for a grand opening and unveiling by sometime in June, possible June 1 with good spring weather for trail building.

A-Trail: Brian continues to work directly with D.O.C. to get approval and funding for this project.  He has received funding to continue his work in 2016 and will add another mile of trail to the existing system.  

Turner: We have had good feedback from the 2 bridges that were built this fall.  There are still at least 2 more bridges that are needed along with some other work on the trails farther up the ridge. We recently received an email from the park manager about rogue trails and stopping the development of these.  BOD working on how to approach this, help the park manager while not being seen as enforcement of riders.  We do not want to get into a situation where we are enforcing park rules.  We wish to set the example only.   Ideally the rogue trails will be allowed to stay so that we can work on getting them up to current trail standards.  Rogue or not, people will use a trail if it’s there, it’s best to make it a sustainable trail and prevent erosion.

Auburn community property: 150 acres of land that is available for trail development.  Possibility of another 150 acres of adjacent private land to add to a trail system.  Frank working to get a meeting scheduled with the key people so that a plan can get forged and work can start as early as 2016.

Res: no new projects planned for 2016 as of now.   Still researching the possibility of building a spur to Manchester town land and working toward a connection with Allen-Whitney in the long run.

Bond Brook: 2016 will see continuation of  Western Way and Northern Exposure.  Spurwink kids planned to return again for the summer.  Awaiting final word from Spurwink administrators.

Pine Ridge: Work on the kids loop will resume as soon as spring weather permits.  Also need to finish buffing out the new loop out toward Final Descent.

Range Pond: Kiosk is done for the season.  Chip Keene is going to help with the artwork and signage this spring.


*Chris working on grant proposals currently.  Going to resubmit People For Bikes again with a focus on a singular project.   Also looking into other grant opportunities.   Overall focus is to be able to hire at least 2 full time trail workers for summer 2106.

*Hoping to meet with Kennebec Saving Bank about the possibility of funding a project/s in 2016.  Board agrees to spend proceeds from Tread Fest 2015 on labor costs to supplement trail crew.

*Other avenues for funding are starting to appear and we are pursuing them as quickly as possible.

*Work on coupon booklet is going to increase in speed so that we can ideally launch the booklet in March or April.  Cost of booklet to be determined.

Treasurers Report:

*Brett getting up to speed with her role.  Last bits of paperwork to be done soon and then she will be up to speed completely.

*As of 11/30/15 we had $5960.35 in account.   

Sarah gave Brent the chapter rebate check for $870.

*Tread Fest payment should be made this week.

Other business:

Website – needs updating.  Please send any/all changes to Chris for review.  He will make changes.

Tread Fest – will be on June 25/26 this year.  Main event will be a 6 hour endurance event.  Other smaller events to take place dependent on whether it’s combined with running or not. – need to update main office and make sure that our events are also on their page/event list.

Apps/Web listing –  recognize the need to update trail listings and information on apps like MTBR project and Singletracks.  This will be much easier to do once the mapping project has been completed.

Maine Snowmobile Assn: CeMeNEMBA to make $250 donation to Maine Snowmobile Association.  This will be in the form of a $150 donation as a supporting member, and 5 smaller donations to geographically relevant snowmobile clubs.  Chris sending cover letter that will highlight our appreciation of the trails and grooming as well as the guidelines used for bikes on snowmobile trails.

CEMENEMBA Meeting Minutes November 23, 2015


November 23, 2015

The Central Mane Chapter of the New England Mountain Biking Association held a regular board meeting on Monday, November 23, 2015 at Augusta City Hall.  Meeting began at 6pm.  Present were: Chris Riley, pres; Sarah Aviano Cross, vice pres.; Brett VanCott, Treasurer; Ted S, Ted E, Brian A.; Ellen, Ian, and Garry Hinkley, Sec.

The minutes of the July 22nd meeting were accepted with a minor spelling correction.

Treasurer’s report.  Sarah gave the treasurer’s report.  She reported a July beginning balance of $5,187.36.  Expenses were $2,517.78 mostly for bridge building materials and Treadfest. Income was $2900 including $2500 donation from KSB; $200 chapter rebate; $100 donation for FAT project; and $100 donation for L/A project.  Ending balance is $5,958.86.  This does not include any Treadfest revenues.  Treadfest revenues are estimated to be between $2,000 to $2,500.  Down a little bit from the prior year due to weather concerns.

Trail work report.  Chris reported that we built over 200 ft. of bridges this summer at various locations.  Average cost was $10/ft. We still have materials left over.   Also added new trail sections and improvements at many of our riding centers.  It was a great summer for trail work and a ton of good work was accomplished.

Range Pond Kiosk.  Brian Rulo of Rulo Timber Works built and donated the kiosk at Range Pond.  CEMENEMBA provided cedar shingles/roof.  Kiosk to be finalized with artwork in Spring of ’16.

Pine Ridge Beginner Loop.  Chris bush hogged a beginner loop at Pine Ridge.  Should be mowed and taken to dirt before winter.  Ellen will check with Mac about a riding mower.  Will have the opportunity to enhance with berms, pumps, and rolls etc.

BRCM project.  Brian reported that 2.8 miles had been cleared, with about 1.4 miles raked and de-stumped. He is meeting with DOC managers to discuss further work.  This is a multiuse trail in Belgrade.  As soon as DOC has finalized approval we will make larger scale announcement to our membership.

Treasurer Election.  Sarah’s elevation to vice president created a vacancy for treasurer.  Chris nominated Brett VanCott, seconded by Ted Eames.  Vote was unanimous.  The secretary to write a letter to notify KSB.

Winter projects.  The mapping project is underway.  The goal is to be finished by mid-April and to be able to distribute maps by May to bike shops etc..  Will include all of our significant trail systems, including the Res, Bond Brook, Pine Ridge, Highlands, Turner Riverlands, and Range pond.  We will ask for donations to defray costs.

Brett noted that several trail finder apps list our trails, but that the information needs to be updated.

Coupon Booklet.  Agreed to pursue the creation of a discount coupon booklet to sell.  Local biking-related business will be approached about participation.  (two for one discounts; free beverage etc.)  Need to draft a solicitation letter, and put together a list of likely businesses.

Grants.  Chris is looking to pursue several grant opportunities including the Libra Foundation, KSB, People for Bikes, and Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund.  There also is the possibility of applying for an RTP grant.

Paid trail staff.  Discussed the possibility of having paid trail staff for the summer.  Possibly two staff 20-30 hours a week for 8-10 weeks.  Estimated cost of $6,000. Discussed options including going through a Temp agency to handle personnel/payroll/tax issues.

Central Maine Cycling Club. Dave Richards has handed the reigns  of CMCC to Matt Reynolds.   CeMe looks forward to continuing a good relationship with this group and to working together to help the cycling community.

Treadfest 2016.  Current October date is not working out very well.  Weather and short days are a concern.  People wait too long to sign up.  Agreed to move the date to June 25-26, and make it a two day event.  It would be biking only.  Saturday first race would be for novices and kids.  Expert race to follow.  Sunday would be more social, with group rides, skills etc.  Camping at BB.  More opportunity to sell food and beverages.

Bond Brook winter Riding.  BB will be open for winter riding.

Next meeting is January 11, 2016.



Garry Hinkley


CeMENEMBA Meeting Minutes March 9, 2015

CeMENEMBA Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2015

The regular monthly meeting of the Central Maine Chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Club was held on March 9th, at Augusta City Hall.  The meeting was called to order by Pres. Chris Riley at 6pm.

Members present included Chris Riley, Brian Alexander, Ted Sharf, Chris O’Toole and daughter, Carol, Ellen, Ted Eames, John Waller, and Garry Hinkley.

Carol Johnson announced she was resigning as treasurer as she is moving to Colorado.  The group offered their thanks and wished Carol well.  Chris R will contact Sarah Cross about accepting the treasurer position.   Sarah was voted in as new treasurer on the 10th.  Welcome Sarah!

Carol gave the treasurer’s report.  She reported a beginning balance of $2,723.76, no expenses, and income $3,000 from Treadfest and $275 from chapter rebates for a balance of $5,998.76.  Chris reported a $100 donation from Mike Sizinger in Carol Johnson’s mother’s name.

Project list.  Chris has prepared a project list in google docs which he will circulate for comments.

Brian reported on the mapping project.  He expects work to begin in earnest in the spring. NEMBA would like a presence on the ME Office of Tourism website.

NEMBA trail crew.  Voted to fund two scholarships (with mileage expenses) to the NEMBA trail school.  Motion made by Carol, and seconded by Ellen.  Passed unanimously.

Ted Eames generously offered to donate a 720 bar and stem to volunteer working the most hours this season.  (Officers are not eligible.)

Chris will be writing a (fundraising) newsletter.  The scholarships and volunteer reward will be included.

Bylaws?  Need to locate the chapter bylaws, or adopt new bylaws.

People for Bikes grant.  CeMENEMBA has made the preliminary cut for this grant.  Chris plans to apply for $10,000 to fund one-third of a summer trail crew project.  The plan is for a six person crew (plus oversight) to work eight weeks on six sites.  Chris intends to fundraise the balance.  Grant is due by the end of March.  Several letters of support will be solicited.

Meeting adjourned at 7pm to attend the Bond Brook long range planning meeting.

The Manchester and Hallowell Conservation Commissions jointly are pursuing a Quimby Family grant in the amount of $20,000 for the purpose of documenting and assessing the community’s recreational tails.  The grant requires a 501.C3 organization to serve as fiscal agent.  Garry has asked if CeMENEMBA would serve as the fiscal agent.  There is no risk to CEMENEMBA as the Town of Manchester would manage any contracts and pay all bills.