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3 hours ago

Glenn Fenlason

Does anyone use a hedge trimmer for trail work? ... See MoreSee Less

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I ride mountain bikes, I don't do trail work 😉

Yes. We use Chris' electric (battery) trimmer and it works phenomenally

Having used both I prefer gas powered/weed whacker attachments. Longer reach and more ergonomic.

Nolan I don't know if you are talking about a string trimmer or a hedge trimmer. I have a beastly 4 stroke Husqvarna string trimmer that kicks a$$.. I am very happy with it. I have places where I have a lot of shrubby type plants.. honeysuckle for one.. that I think a hedge trimmer would work great on.

I am not looking to cut stuff at ground level.. I already have other tools for that. I have the above string trimmer.. and 2 brush cutters.. one with a brush blade.. one with a saw blade.

So you are using a hedge trimmer to cut the vegetation on 6 back? In that case yeah.. a longer handle and articulating head.. sounds good. I will have to think about that. I don't think I have anything for that type of cutting to do [that I can't do with what I have.

We use a Stihl KombiSystem with adjustable power scythe attachment. Love it.

It's awesome, but now that we also have the 58v hand held I can't imagine not having both. #spoiledtrailbuilder

It's very interesting to see to what depth these facebook conversations develop

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1 day ago

Jason Toner

Top of kennebago chair saddleback ... See MoreSee Less

Top of kennebago chair saddleback

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Well done!!


Jason Toner, did you go up the Ghost to Tricolor, or up Hudson's to America?

Hudson to America with a VERY quick descent down ghost. Hike a bike about a mile with 1700 feet elevation

Oh that is awesome!!

Now that's a grind!

And I thought we did well climbing to lower tiger, I am very impressed

guess we need to up our Game



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1 day ago

John Alsop

This was a wild ride, but the bridges could use some attention! ... See MoreSee Less

This was a wild ride, but the bridges could use some attention!

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Yikes, where is this?

Brian slacking again? I guess Chris isn't doing that good a job staying on top of him...

[earlier reference]

I thought of Brian when I came upon these!

See you were out of our area.

I was told earlier.. there is no "our area.. their area"..

Although I would probably pushing it, by "blaming" Brian.. for the lack of mowing on Nelson Pass....

This looks like quite the exploratory ride. 🙂

Can't you guys recognize custom made challenging features when you see them Ha Ha!!

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